The Evolution Of Armor

As technology advances, so should the tools of work. Find out why choosing the ripper is the way to go.

Centurion by Honeywell

Centurion by Honeywell is a super-strong fiber, it is made from Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) and offers maximum strength with minimum weight. Centurion by Honeywell is produced in a patented gel spinning process in which the fibers are drawn, heated, elongated, and cooled. Stretching and spinning leads to molecular alignment, high crystallization, and low density. Centurion by Honeywell has extremely long molecular chains that transfer load more effectively to the polymer backbone. So it's stronger at the same weight or lighter at the same strength than alternatives. This makes the number of possible applications virtually unlimited.The worlds first situation ready fabric is used to set the Ripper line apart from all others. Centurion by Honeywell allows the Ripper system to be lighter, stronger and more capable than any other armor carrier in production.


Lightweight, Stiff, Impact Resistant. Tegris is a capable thermoplastic composite. With high impact resistance, semi-rigid, and flexible properties. Tegris is the backbone of the Ripper system aiding in weight distribution while maintaining the flexibility to stay mobile. Tegris provides 2X to15X improvement in impact resistance over typical thermoplastics and composites. It's impact performance is so good that it is used as an armor solution against ballistic threats. This performance level is maintained even at low temperatures (-40°).

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